Treat yourself lovingly!

Avalon, Elysion or Atlantis - enter a different, magical  and beautiful world and leave everyday behind. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty, feel free and love.

We offer cosy  apartments for up to 5 persons. Avalon provides a kitchen with kitchenette and sitting area as well as two double rooms (an extra bed possible), each with washbasin, flat screen TV and safe. Shower and toilet are located in separate rooms. Elysion provides a small kitchen with kitchenette and small sitting area as well as two double rooms with bathroom. Up to tow extra beds are possible. Atlantis provides a kitchen with kitchenette and small sitting area as well as a double room with bathroom and a living room with sleeping bed and extra bathroom. In the furnished kitchen including all furnishings you can end the day together.


Plato writes of a sunny island, intertwined with rivers and ponds and covered with flowers, fruits and forests. Atlantis would offer space and food for "wild and tame animals". Even for the "largest and most voracious" among them, the elephants, there would be food in sufficient quantities. Also the humans lived their lifes in the lap of luxury. Three moats surrounded the city, two bubbling springs supplied it with cold and warm water. The temples and royal houses shone silver, the battlements even golden, the ceilings were carved from ivory. And the harbours were full of merchants who had large trade flows and created prosperity. Plato's Atlantis is a land of plenty, a paradise - just like our Atlantis.


The Elysion (Elysium, Eleusium) in greek mythology is not only a place of well-being, but also a paradise that people have longed and continue to long for at all times. An island of the blessed, so to speak. Enclosed by the Okeanos and the river Lethe - the river of forgetting. According to mythology, only chosen heroes as well as people who had previously led a honest and honourable life came to this place.
In the Elysium, they lived in eternal harmony, harmony and peace - just as in our Elysium.


The fairyland Avalon belongs to the Otherworld, a hidden, underground place where winter never ends. It is the ethereal world that exists alongside our world in another space-time dimension. Fairies find it easy to switch between the two worlds. They know the transitions and the incantations. We humans, on the other hand, have forgotten the old ways and find it difficult. Druids and witches, the guardians of ancient knowledge, are called because of their ability to switch between two sacred spaces, also wanderers between the worlds. Secret passages or "curtains" can be found all over the world. And if you happen to come across them or know the way, it is easy to travel to fairyland. Come and visit our Avalon, where time stands still.